Back to the Car for a Few Days...

Some of you may know that my wife gave birth to our second child over the weekend... I'll send you here for more on that.


Because my wife has been told that she's not allowed to drive a car for two weeks following her surgery (she had a c-section), and because Duncan's day care is near HER office but we want him to keep going as much as possible to keep his routine going, I'm going to have to drive him to day care next week after my mom goes home (after a week helping us out).

So I'm going to have to drive. A car. In traffic.

In order to keep my sanity about not having my daily ride, I'm going to keep a journal for the week of how I'm feeling and compare it to how I have felt on days when I can ride my bike. We'll see how this goes.

So I'm off to call OSU Transportation and Parking to see what I need to do to get a parking pass for the week. Crap... and so it begins.

People, not speed.


  1. I found your blog through Just FYI, you can get single day surface lot passes from T&P for $5/day. You can also get 10-use garage passes for $50. I keep a stock of surface lot passes in my glove compartment for days when I need to drive to work.

  2. That's the word T&P gave me. I'm not near a garage, unfortunately, my office is at the Ackerman Road complex. But the cost is the same - $5 a day or $29.50 a month. I didn't know you could save them up though! I'll have to look into that.


  3. Congrats on the new baby! Another cyclist is born...


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