Another Columbus Bicyclist Death

It's happened again. Andres Gonzales, husband and father of an 18-month old son, was struck and killed by a cowardly hit and run driver last Sunday. He was possibly hit by more than one car.

Gonzales worked at Paul's Restaurant in Whitehall, where he'd been a cook for eight years. He died on the street, surrounded by strangers, after being hit on his way home from work.

I can't even tell you how sick this makes me feel. Whoever did this needs to be dragged out in the street and have the same thing happen to him or her.

And WHEN is our society going to put more impetus on people and their lives and well-being than on sucking off the auto industry's teat?

The time for complete streets is now! How is there any sort of argument about this?

More from Andy's fellow employees at Paul's, from the Columbus Messenger.

People, not speed.


  1. This is gut wrenching, I'm so sad to hear this. Is there anything we can do for his family? I had a close call with an SUV last night that ended in me confronting the driver at Blockbuster. I'm afraid it won't be the last time I see the guy either.


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