Air Quality Alerts

MORPC released an air quality alert today saying that today and tomorrow will have high amounts of ozone resulting in air that is "unhealthy for sensitive groups." I think I'm one of those people in a sensitive group, as I've noticed my breathing is a bit shallow when these alerts are announced. And my mom and brother get hay fever, so it may run in the family a bit.

I have noticed that I don't have problems WHILE I'm exercising (i.e. biking) but afterward, when I'm relaxing.

But the point here is: there's something seriously wrong with this world when it's considered okay for companies and people to pollute the air so freely, when the result causes so many people not to be able to breathe that they have to release warnings publicly. If there's one right that people all over the world have, it's the right to BREATHE. That's just part of life.

I see the federal EPA and other state-level groups allowing companies free rein to foul up the air and it absolutely boggles my mind. Where are our priorities when producing unnecessary products and getting to work "conveniently" are more important than air?

I just don't get it. Anyway, I'm looking forward to gasping today.


  1. But we need electricity to power our plasma tvs to watch Pimp my ride...


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