Road Rager Runs Down Cyclist In Columbus

I got a disturbing email from a reader last week... she was asking if I knew of any bicycle-specialist attorneys after having gotten into a confrontation with an SUV driver. I'll leave it to her own words:
Some guy with major road rage here in Columbus, confronted my boyfriend and I today, then purposely ran my boyfriend over with his SUV and asked him if he wanted more.

My boyfriend is okay and the guy was charged with assault with a vehicle...
I've asked for more information on this, and apparently the rider in question is going to start her own blog to discuss this issue. I'll let you know more when she lets me know more.

Suffice to say, I'm very upset by this. Till now, I'd not heard of any such issues here in Columbus. My experience has indicated that most Columbus drivers give deference to cyclists, either out of respect for them (optimistically) or out of concern that they have no idea what the cyclist is going to do (more likely). But obviously this is not the case all over town.

I don't know what part of town this reader is from - I'll let you know more when I hear more.


  1. Sounds like the sort of person who'd have been just as dangerous with a gun or baseball bat

  2. That's why I'd like to get more information on this. Perhaps from the police blotter or something.


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