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If you haven't done so already, please fill out the Columbus Bike Planning Survey before July 31st!

And then... come to the Simply Living meeting about the Columbus Bike Plan on Wednesday, August 29 from 7:00-9:00 pm. The meeting is at Whetstone Library, come one come all!

But to repeat: fill out the survey! Fill it out! Fill it out! Now! Don't wait!

And pass it on to everyone you know!

Also - Alta Planning has released their latest documents on the city-wide bike plan on their website... check it out! (Requires Adobe Reader)


  1. Eric Wynalda was commenting on the good run the Crew are on. Beckham also seems very genuine and humble. I have noticed that many times with soccer players. Other sports should take note.

    Best of luck with Bike Plan. I hope something positive comes of it.

  2. We are on a good run, aren't we? Shep Messing was saying we're a flash in the pan... I actually think this is what we've been capable of since Moreno and Schelotto arrived, it's just taken a bit of time to work out the details.

    I have been impressed with Becks and his attitude toward coming over here. I liked his comments in SI about having to fight the impression that the Galaxy are now going to win every game 10-0 with him there.

    I hope something comes out of it, too. Our mayor has paid a lot of lip service to getting stuff done with his "green plan" but he's famous for saying the right things just to keep the public happy. Still, we're seeing some improvement already: bike corrals at downtown festivals, things like that.

    We'll see how it goes when we get to actually having to change traffic to accomodate bikes.

  3. There is a game of tag going around the bike blog community. I tagged you and hope you don't mind. Do with it what you wish.
    See you around.

  4. Done. Thanks for a great blog.


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