A Bike Lane That Follows You

This has to be one of the niftiest ideas I've ever seen for bikes.

Byron Loibl, a graduate from the Cleveland Institute of Art, has created a light that simulates a bike lane line two feet to the left of you. You strap in on the back of you bike (well, you install it) and it creates a line that motorists can see and use to figure out how far away from you to stay and be safe.

Simple, but brilliant. My only questions are how well it shows up during the day and how it's powered...but this is an every-little-bit-helps moment here.


  1. Another idea that I use, is Reflexite tape. You can purchase it online(do a search). I have the white on the front of my fork and a little strip on my bar-ends, and on my crank arms. This stuff lights up like a headlight when a cars’ beams hit it. You can get all kinds of colors including black. I have Red & White striped reflective tape on my rear fender. This with a 2nd headlight on the blinking mode really gets the cars’ attention. Since I’ve added the 2nd headlight I haven’t had any cars turn left in front of me.

  2. By the way,does anyone know where I can purchase one of those safety triangles w/adjustable belt buckle at here in Columbus ?


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