Racks Getting Crowded at Work, and A Note on My Posting

We may have to petition the University for another bike rack soon... more bikes are appearing on the rack! I actually had a nice conversation with another commuter down at the racks last night on the way home... he was riding a recumbent bike and I was curious about it a bit. I don't think I'll ever ride one, myself. I don't think they look too safe as they are so low to the ground and that reduces their visibility. Plus I like being up where I can see.

It's nice to see how more people are biking, now, especially as the weather gets nicer. Now we just have to keep them biking...

I've noticed something in my posting habits, too... I haven't been posting as much as I was originally. That's not because I'm losing interest, but as my commute becomes more and more routine, I'm finding less to post about. That combined with a rather short commute leaves little to talk about.

I'm not going to stop, obviously, but if you're checking this site regularly (both of you) and you're upset at the infrequency of posts as compared with earlier on, please bear with me! I highly suggest using the RSS feed (link at the bottom of the page) on a reader application of some kind if you want to be able to read whenever I update without constantly checking back fruitlessly. I personally use Google Reader which is easy to use and works great.

Thanks, and Keep On Biking.


  1. I'll do the reader thing. Now that I found a fellow recument basher. 8>)

  2. p.s. "I'm not going to stop, obviously, but if you're checking this site regularly (both of you)"

    There are two of us?????

  3. Funny you should say that... one of my co-workers came in today and noticed my helmet and reflective vest on the corner of my desk, and congratulated me on being a safe cyclist. He then regaled me with the tale of how he almost hit two recumbent cyclists who were wearing dark clothing and he didn't see them until almost too late because they were so low to the ground...

    I won't call myself a basher, but I do think that many recumbent bikers need to take some extra precautions to be seen!

  4. Well, I know my wife checks it... and you... and occasionally Smudgemo throws in his two cents, so perhaps my readership is zooming out of control! ;)

  5. Since I use an RSS reader, you won't normally register my reads as visits. To make things worse, much of my reading is offline -- I keep my laptop on overnight while it slurps content (email and blog feeds) from the Internet, then I read it all on the bus ride to work in the morning. That means I don't comment nearly as much as I might like to.

    If you need material to write about, look into and report on the activitities of whatever is happening locally with bicycling advocacy. That's what I'm personally interested in -- what works (and what doesn't) in various parts of North America.

  6. Thanks, Fritz. I'm not particularly worried about hit counts and the like... I was just kidding around with the "both of you" comment. But I appreciate your reading my stuff!

    My recent post on the lack of activity for Bike to Work week here in Columbus and my personal views on complete streets and the like in Columbus are indeed going to be leading to more advocacy work on my part. I've found a couple of groups that are doing fine work in this regard, they just need more manpower. And I'm just the man to provide more power... or something like that. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. I fall asleep pretty easily, and recumbents look mighty comfy. Might not be a good fit for me.

    Be careful of advocacy. It disrupts your life, makes you cranky and makes your wife mad. Mine was mtb trails for a number of years. Just my $.02.


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