Columbus Bikeways Plan

It's now possible to view the Columbus Bikeways Plan and get on their mailing list if you are so inclined (and hopefully you are).

I highly recommend that you take their survey as it will help them make a plan that works best for the bike commuters of Columbus!


  1. Sweet! Thanks for posting the link.

  2. I love riding in the city. The bikeway looks like a pretty good ride.

    Next time the National Team play a qualifier there, I may rent a bike and ride that thing.

  3. I live in toronto and work in a region called Durham.
    The Good News:
    Both of them have bike lane network plans.

    The Bad news:
    Durham's timeframe to install the lanes is TWENTY YEARS!
    Toronto's time frame is totally up in the air. They have the money but there is so much red tape and political grief to go through to get a lane that for years nothing gets done.


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