Bike Routes

We've all seen them around town - those green signs that tell you that the road you're on is a Bike Route.

But what does that really mean? Is there a map anywhere of ALL the bike routes in Columbus? The only maps I've been able to find are nearly unreadable or incomplete.

So... I'm going to throw out an idea: putting the Columbus bike routes into - the route mapping website. If you haven't seen this site yet, check it out. It's really useful and a great source of information for cycling wherever you go.

If you know of an official bike route in Columbus, please consider entering it into Bikely with "Columbus Bike Route ##" - and then any sort of description you'd like to add.


  1. Jamie,
    Have you entered any of these routes yourself? Can you provide links to some?

    Can you think of a good tag for these these routes to make it easier to search for them?

    This site seems to be very flaky which makes it very frustrating to navigate. One minute I can do a search on United States, Ohio, Columbus, and it will pop up fine, the next minute with the same search it says "This page is temporarily unavailable." Even just searching on United States or clicking one of the Where Locations under the most recent routes, seems to be a crap shoot as to whether you will actually see any results or just get the above message, or sometimes it just displays a blank page and says "Done" with no clue what the deal is.

    Furthermore, it seems to have a specific order it wants things entered in the search. Reverse the above to Columbus, Ohio, United States and you are almost guaranteed an unavailable page message.

    Anyway, I do wonder who is responsible for maintaining these Bike Route signs? They must have maps to tell them where the signs go. Are these route numbers local, city or state, and thus would it be the responsibility of the City or State Planning Commission, Parks & Rec or maybe even the State DOT?


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