Bike To Work Week Commercial

Here's a commercial released by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin for Bike to Work Week. Enjoy, and spread it around!


  1. Ya, hey. Dat guy looks like he's gonna throw up, and he ain't even turned a pedal yet.

    Funny, but definitely not a good way to get your spouse riding unless you are truly hoping for divorce papers to be served soon.

  2. You're right... in retrospect, it seems that having the recipient of the gift being a little more excited might make a better commercial. Still, I wanted to support the notion of Bike to Work Week.

    Plus... it's a nice bike.

  3. Ironically enough, my wife's cousin just got a bike from her family and has actually been having a blast with it. She's even talking about trying to commute on it since some highway in the St. Louis area is about to be ripped up for a complete remake lasting years.

    Maybe this whole bike thing could actually work...


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