Performance Bike Posts Benefits of Cycling to Environment

Interesting find here... as I was messing around with my latest mailer from Performance Bike, I came across this link about how Cycling helps the environment. Being a treehugger at heart, I checked it out.... here is the link for you to do the same:

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  1. Jamie - one of my students has done an independent study to start a commuter biking organization in Columbus. The group is called "Consider Biking". The first meeting was last Wednesday.

    Its working vision & mission follow:
    Vision: Consider Biking envisions a Columbus in which all citizens are made aware of the individual- and community-level benefits associated with biking, and that biking for transportation becomes a real option for an ever-expanding percentage of the population.

    Mission: Consider Biking provides a dynamic forum through which all members of the local biking community, and new bike commuters, are connected. The web site (still under construction) will foster discussion, instruction, collaboration, and outreach to all the citizens of Columbus, such that they are empowered to consider bicycles among their vehicles of choice for transportation.

    You can contact Meredith Joy ( AT for more information.

  2. Thanks, Maria! This looks like a great way to organize bike commuters in Columbus (and anywhere else, for that matter). Ironically, I was going to contact you to see if you knew of any organizations that I might not have found online yet, so this is a great start!

    BTW - Blogger seems to have added some code to Maria's link, so here's a working link:

    Consider Biking


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