Freeing Up My Legs

After a cold winter, it felt absolutely awesome last Tuesday to get out on the bike with a pair of shorts on and let the wind blow past during the uphill ride home from work! I have a pair of Cannondale bike shorts that I bought from Bike Source back when I had my mountain bike, pre-theft, and I felt great on they way home as the wind was able to cool me.

Of course, today isn't going to be that way as it's 32 degrees and raining to beat the band, so it'll be back to the poncho and rain pants. We'll see how the new fenders handle things today - I suppose this is the acid test (or rain test as the case may be). I may have to try out the trick of putting plastic bags over my feet to keep my feet dry (and avoid the problem of rain pouring into my shoes, particularly since I don't have my hiking boots any more). Lord knows that we have enough bags to do that, thanks to the onslaught of stores like Giant Eagle, Target, and even Weiland's Grocery.

And apologies to those who've been reading faithfully the past few weeks - I haven't posted in a week or so due to a death in the family, but now we'll be getting back into it. I have some neat stuff in store for you (I hope) and I hope you stay tuned!


  1. sorry to hear about your loss. I've been commuting in New Jersey for a half a year now, started partially from encouragement from blogs like yours. thanks!

    PS- only time I ditch the bike is when rain is forecast. I have aqua-no pants and Trek cycle jacket (supposedly waterproof) and a helmet cover. I've ridden during snowstorms and that wasn't too bad.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts.

    Glad to hear that I've helped in some way to get you on the road a la cycle. Rain is most certainly most least favorite thing to ride in, but I've discovered that even a ride in the rain is better than a drive in the car. It's also better than going on the bus in the rain - everyone in the bus is all wet and you get off feeling less than fresh. You NEVER get off the bike feeling less than fresh!

    If you have the proper equipment for a rain ride, it can be just as good as a normal ride. I'm planning on a rain-gear discussion soon as it's the first day of spring.


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