Fenders Put To Use

It wasn't the big test I was looking for, but it was a good test. This morning it snowed here again, a nice powdery snow that makes me wish I was strapping on skis instead of a bike helmet. On the main roads there had been enough traffic to melt the small amount that had fallen at that point, so there was some water on the pavement. I wore NO rain pants.

The result? My Planet Bike Freddy Fender Hardcore fenders kept me dry. No problems whatsoever! SUCCESS! Now I realize that this isn't the same as a rainstorm, but it's a start. My pants are dry and I didn't have to wear rain pants to accomplish this. So far, it's two thumbs up for my new fenders.

And when I got to work, I had a lady sort of watching me as I put on my lock and removed my lights from the bike and was heading inside... as I got closer she asked "So, what's it like riding a bike in the snow?" We chatted a bit about tires and traction and she seemed amenable to the idea. I doubt I'll have another bike commuter in our office any time soon but you never know.