ODOT News on Bike Trails

The Ohio Department of Transportation keeps a webpage with news on bike trail construction and maintenance that I just found (and added to my links to the right). Here's the latest news from it:
FRANKLIN Co., Columbus
  • The I-70 to SR 104/Alum Creek Drive portion of the Alum Creek bikeway is under construction and will connect with Three Creeks Park in the south. Work should be complete in spring, 2007.
  • A new bridge across the Olentangy River south of Antrim Park will connect the Scioto-Olentangy Bikeway to residential areas east of the river. Completion date is 10/31/07.
FRANKLIN Co., Columbus
  • Morse Road bike lanes, between Indianola Avenue and Karl Rd., were finished in October, 2006.
  • A connector under SR 161/Dublin-Granville Road allows 7 miles of unbroken travel on the Alum Creek Trail between Easton soccer fields (Sunbury Road south of Morse Road) and Westerville (Polaris Parkway and Cleveland Avenue). Parking is at Strawberry Farms Park, Parkridge Park, Casto Park or Cooper Park in Columbus, or Heritage Park in Westerville.
  • Another connector on the Alum Creek Bikeway, Creeks Park to Alum Creek Drive, opened in Spring 2006.
  • The Livingston Ave. to I-70 section of the Alum Creek Bikeway opened mid-June, 2006.
FRANKLIN Co., Westerville
  • The .5 mile Schrock Road - Cherrington Connector was completed in September 2006, allowing a crossing of SR 3 at the Cherrington Road traffic signal, in the vicinity of the Ed Honton Memorial Rock.


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