The Most Stable Ride on the Road

I had a VERY interesting ride home today. First of all, it was starting to rain on top of the 8" of snow we had (my estimate), so I threw on my Log House Bike Cape. This is a poncho that has a visor, thumb and seat loops. It's bright yellow, so I showed up pretty well. And I stayed dry all the way home... heavy props to this little item!

Anyway, suffice to say that our county in on a level one snow alert - which is the paranoiac's way of saying "be careful when driving in the snow." Of course, I was doing fine on my bike. I quickly realized that my situation with the bike was one of security - if something happened and I got out of control... I could hop off.

I also discovered that going UP a hill in the snow is much easier than going DOWN in the snow. Going down it's easier to get out of control.

I never got into my normal gear for the ride, spent the whole time in a higher gear due to having to plow through the snow a bit.

Best comment: a guy in a pickup with a plow up front yelled out the window at me as I was obviously having an easier time getting around than all the cars: "Hey, man, you oughta put a plow on that!"